Mom’s ‘Toy Jail’ hack is a surefire way to get kids to clean up their toys, and the internet loves it

If your kids are anything like mine, it’s a certified nightmare getting them to clean up their toys after use, much less pack them neatly.

Of course, kids will be kids, will be kids, will be kids. They’re in the learning phase of their lives and so it’s difficult to be too angry with them for not wanting all the fun without the chores. Difficult, but not impossible.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve stood on toys and hurt my foot, nor how many times my tidy house has been reduced to what resembles a toy garbage dump. I tried a number of things to coerce them into cleaning up their toys properly when they’re done with them, but sooner or later they always go back to the way they were before.

Well, it turns out I’m not the only one with this problem. One mom’s technique for convincing her children to be more efficient with their toys, however, has taken the internet by storm …

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With all that clutter from the holidays, you’re probably tired of picking up the toys around the house by now. – What a great time to teach the kids how to pitch in and do chores around the house. They won’t want to of course but if you create a toy jail, you’ll come out on top! – What are your favorite sneaky ways to get the kids to pitch in? – #mom #mother #mommy #motherhood #momlife #candidmotherhood #motherhoodunplugged #specialeducation #specialneeds #specialneedsmom #momofboys #momofgirls #singlemom #momoftwo #momofthree #momoffour #supermom #autism #dyslexia #dyscalculia #workingmom #parenting #parents #parenthood #momproblems #parentproblems

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Now, I’ll begin with a disclaimer: It does still involve picking up your kid’s toys when they leave them out. That said, it will encourage them to keep them put away in the future.

Introducing ‘Toy Jail’.

All you need is a large storage bin (preferably clear so you can see what’s inside) and – depending how persistent your spawn are – a lock.

What to do

What you’re going to effectively do is create a holding cell for any toys your children leave lying around. The best part? They can see the toys inside the bin, but can’t get to them.

The ingenious idea was created by one mom and then posted by Servidio Education Solutions. The mom had written “Toy Jail” on the bin, with an explanation of the rules.

“You left it out and I picked it up, I’ve got your stuff, you’re out of luck, To get it back please do a chore, Then it’s yours just like before. Mummy,” it reads.


Simple enough, and yet oh, so effective.

When your kids leave toys out, you put them in the ‘jail’. They then have to do a chore of some sort to liberate the toy in order to play with it again.

Thus far the idea seems to be a hit with parents the world over. And yep, you guess it, Toy Jail is already in full swing at my house, and boy am I a tough Sheriff.

What a fantastic, fun idea that helps no end in the household.

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