The backpack that helps protect your baby’s delicate head should they fall

Parents are never ready for the development steps our children take, from crawling to walking and talking, all of them are so exciting and yet come with a whole host of different challenges.

While we seem to wish these baby years away, before we know it they’re big kids and we were wishing they were babies again.

Perhaps the biggest transition is when babies go from completely helpless to sitting up and then crawling; suddenly everything around you is viewed as a potential death trap.

Now a new product has come onto the market that at least eases the worry of your child bumping their head on everything.

Protect Your Baby's Head If They Fall Over With One Of These Adorable Animal-Shaped Backpacks

The baby backpack is a lightweight protector that can be attached to the baby but as it’s made with memory foam, cotton and polyester, it offers the perfect cushion should baby fall backwards.

As well as a number of different cute animal designs it also has adjustable straps so your baby can wear it from 3 months to 3 years.

The soft pillow hangs behind your baby’s head just waiting to cushion any fall onto their backs.

Watch one dad reviewing this product in the clip below.

Such a great idea! Please share this with any parents you know who have babies that are crawling.