Thief swipes a package from the porch: Now watch when the tables turn on him beautifully

With only a few days left until Christmas more and more packages are landing on people’s porch. Combine this with dark winter days and you have the perfect set up for porch pirates.

It makes me so angry that people drive around neighborhoods just to steal other people’s presents. Even if you have security cameras and capture the thief in action, it usually isn’t worth the police’s time to investigate it.

But one talented engineer Mark Rober has devised a piece of equipment that ensures all porch theft victims can get their revenge. The video he posted on YouTube has made him an internet star with 34 million views.

When you see it you’ll understand why, it’s Karma working in full force, with a little help from Mark, a NASA engineer.


The American engineer, inventor and YouTube personality was sick and tired of porch pirates. When his sophisticated security system caught the thieves in action, still nothing could be done to bring these people to justice.

He said the whole thing made him feel ‘violated.’

As the internet star lists all the amazing inventions he’s created he realizes he has to take this matter into his own hands.

He builds a machine that not only records the thief in action but unleashes a revenge like no other.

He built a “glitter bomb” that would detonate as soon as the thief opened the stolen package —  which usually happens in their cars.

And if covering the thief and his or her car in the finest of glitter wasn’t enough he then set a series of fart sprays to go off.

Watch what happens when a number of thieves fall prey to this ingenious device. If you’ve been the victim of porch pirates you’re going to love this!

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