How to help your tulips to live longer: Simple trick everyone should know

Freshly cut flowers always add a beautiful touch to any home but getting them to last can be a real challenge.

My favorite flowers to display are tulips because I love their vibrancy and robust colorful petals.

However, sometimes it can feel like you’ve just put them out on display before they start to look tired. But, with just a few simple tricks you can actually enjoy these beautiful and colorful flowers a little longer.

With the tulip season about to start here are some important tips so you can enjoy your colorful cut blooms for a bit longer.



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We can all agree that tulips are beautiful, but unfortunately they are very sensitive. Usually they last for about a week – but it is possible to extend their lifetime.

A common tip is to put a couple of ice cubes in the water as frozen water could help stop them from opening and therefore retain their petals for longer.

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But before you even put your tulips in a vase you should trim the stems, about half an inch.

You should use a sharp knife for this job and not kitchen scissors which can crush and damage the stems.

Keep them healthy

You can also keep the packaging on around the tulips for a day or so, or wrap them in damp newspaper and place in lukewarm water for a few hours to help straighten the stems.

Then select a vase that is tall to help support your tulips and keep them looking healthy.

As tulips can get a bit slimy and prone to bacteria, it’s important that you refill your vase with fresh water every other day. Make sure you also rinse out your vase to help get rid of bacteria.

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Finding the right spot for your tulips is also important as they need to be in a cool place out of direct sunlight.

They also need to be away from your fruit bowl as fruit secretes ethylene gas which can cause the premature death of flowers.

Key ingredient

Last but not least you can try adding some potato starch to the water which provides great nutrients for flowers.

Hopefully, these simple tricks can make your tulips live longer. Feel free to press the share button so more people can learn these handy hints!

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