Why you should add vinegar to your laundry load: reason is ingenious

It’s hard to find anything cozier than crawling into a bed after you’ve washed your sheets. Apart from the fact that they smell amazing, they feel so much softer and immediately relax us.

Adding fabric softener to the load is essential when washing sheets. But, when my mom told me about my Grandma’s trick with vinegar, I thought it was worth a try and now I never wash or dry my laundry without it.

Fabric softeners can contain chemicals that break down the elasticity of the garment, with fragrance being one the toxins, writes the Expressen.

For the smell to remain phthalates – a hormone-disrupting substance that is harmful to children and can also cause allergies – are also added, according to the article.

In addition, the chemicals, which are hard to break down, are then released into our water supply.

Neutralizes bad smells

White wine vinegar provides just the same effect and is completely harmless. It is not only harmless but very good for your washing machine as it keeps your machine clean and functioning well. You can also spray the below substance on your clothes before you dry them.

The vinegar neutralizes bad smells caused by bacteria – and has the added bonus of being cheap.

To make your laundry load extra fresh you can add essential oils like lavender and enjoy that heavenly and relaxing scent.

Recipe for fabric softener:

  1. Use a funnel to pour vinegar directly into a spray bottle.
  2. For every cup of vinegar you use, add 10 to 15 drops of essential oils.
  3. Seal spray bottle and shake to mix.
  4. Shake well before each use to mix the essential oil.

Feel free to tell others about this amazing tip, they will thank you.