Why you should spray vinegar around your windows this summer

Summer has finally arrived when we all have that urge to throw open our windows and let some of that sunshine in.

I love the sound of birds chirping and the feel of the cool breeze blowing through the house.

The downside to this is it’s also an open invitation for bugs to enter our homes, and most of us don’t fancy sharing our space with creepy crawlies.

Now there is a perfect solution to fending off these creatures which is quick, easy and cheap – a spray bottle of vinegar and water.

This simple trick will ensure you keep the creepy crawlies at bay without the use of harmful chemicals and without killing any insects.


Most insects, including spiders are put off by vinegar and will no doubt find some other opening to crawl through, leaving your sunny space free of unwanted visitors.

But, don’t forget to dilute the vinegar as it contains acetic acid which harms spiders, so diluting it means you can repel them without harming them.

Many may be put off by the smell of vinegar, but I’d take that smell over spiders in my space any day.

To make this simple solution you will need

  • Vinegar
  • Water
  • Spray bottle

Here’s how:

1. Mix a solution of half vinegar and half water in a spray bottle

2. Spray around the window frames, both outside and inside of the windows.

Then enjoy a bug-free space this summer!

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