13-year-old leaves ‘AGT’ judges stunned and prompts one to hit golden buzzer

It’s hard to imagine winning any competition when you’re 7 years old let alone Norway’s equivalent to “America’s Got Talent.

But at just 7 years old Angelina Jordan wowed a nation with her amazing voice and went on to win “Norway’s Got Talent” in 2014 when she sang “Gloomy Sunday”, made famous by Billie Holiday and “Fly Me to the Moon”, made famous by Frank Sinatra.

Now at just 13 years old Angelina was invited to take part in “America’s Got Talent: The Champions” and even Simon Cowell was left shocked by her incredible talent.

Judge and model Heidi Klum couldn’t wait for her fellow judges to finish singing Angelina’s praises and show her true appreciation of such talent by hitting the Golden Buzzer and leaving the child prodigy moved to tears.

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Since winning “Norway’s Got Talent” she has become an internet sensation and the late, great Swedish DJ Avicii chose Angelina for the vocals on his worldwide Volvo commercial campaign, covering Nina Simone’s ‘Feeling Good’. 

The talented teen, whose passion for singing started when she was one and a half years old, also became the youngest published author in her country with her illustrated children’s books, according to talentrecap.com.

Waiting a decade to sing for Simon Cowell

When she took to the stage for “America’s Got Talent: The Champions” she said she had been waiting ten years to sing for Simon Cowell.

“He’s just amazing, he’s just a legend,” Angelina told the AGT Champions’ audience.

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Talent Recap

Dressed in her colorful suit and barefoot she then sings Queen classic “Bohemian Rhapsody” accompanied by a guitar.

Her soft, gentle voice and amazing range is enough to leave the audience open-mouthed but her arrangement of this legendary song is also way beyond her 13 years.

British judge and singer Alicia Dixon was moved to tears by the youngster’s performance.


The audience jumped to their feet when Angelina finished and she also received a standing ovation from all four judges.

Simon said he’d “never heard that song in that version before” and told a star-struck Angelina her performance was “amazing.”

See for yourself in the clip below and when Heidi hits the coveted Golden Buzzer.


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