4-year-old girl boldly takes stage to belt out Frank Sinatra hit – making crowd soar from their seat

Nobody can do “My Way” like Frank Sinatra. So when brave 4-year-old Sophie Fatu stepped onto the stage of Little Big Shots and faced a huge crowd, she ‘did it her way.’

While on the show, the little one performed a surprisingly mature, ultra-passionate, and, frankly, adorable rendition of Frank Sinatra’s classic “My Way.”

Believe it or not, the little girl brought down the house and even attracted the attention of the nation’s top talent scouts!

She may have a huge audience before her and be the smallest person on stage but Sophie Fatu doesn’t falter – not even for a second. Credit first for remembering all the word’s!

The clip below is believed to be the first public appearance Sophie made to a broader audience.

And if you haven’t watched her before, you’re going to love watching Sophie in the video below. I really think the sky’s the limit for this pint-sized preschooler.

Something tells me everyone can enjoy this!

Totally awesome, fantastic! You’re sining your little heart out, great job Sophie! Frank Sinatra’s would be proud.

It’s surprising that a little four-year-old has enough gumption to stand before a packed house and perform! Just getting up in front of that crowd is braver then I would be…..

Feel free to share Sophie’s unique version of “My Way” with your friends so they can witness her musical joy, too!