5 farmers sing hilarious interpretation of ‘Friends in Low Places’ after dry bought

There’s something just wonderful about the ordinary Joe or Jane coming up with a creative idea.

Five Canadian brothers who grew up on a farm recently did just that, after their area began seeing a long lack of rain and their crops began to tire.

The light-hearted brothers got together and came up with a humorous idea to help cope with the adversity… Thankfully it was recorded on camera, and now it’s going viral, with over 2 million views and counting.

Brothers Luke, J.J., Ty, Brock and Dusty Hunter from Canada grew up on their family farm. On top of their love for the outdoors, the tranquil life and hockey, the brothers have always been very musical.

In fact, as they were growing up, they often enjoyed singing together. The talented brothers also play instruments, sing, and certainly do so wonderfully, ultimately forming their own band.

Though they’ve moved on to various professions, the brothers’ love for music (and each other!) never subsided.

Posted by Hunter Brothers on Wednesday, 10 January 2018

“As we grew up, we would farm in the summer, play hockey all winter and then spend weekends during the summer months performing at festivals and various events throughout western Canada and in the US,” brother J.J. says.

“We are quickly learning that the process of being a musician is much more about the journey than a destination,” J.J. adds. “Goals are important, but enjoying the process is something we’ve talked about extensively as brothers.”

So when their farm began to experience a dry bought, they put their creativity and musical talents together — and the result will make you smile ear to ear..

Watch their hilarious take on popular song: “I’ve Got No Grain In Dry Places” below — sung in perfect harmony as they stand outside on their dry, dusty land.

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