6-yr-old boy fixes his eyes on dance teacher – seconds later, he leaves the whole crowd speechless

Talent can be difficult to put your finger on, but some people just seem to have it. You know, the kind of natural talent that makes the whole world smile with admiration.

Luke Spring is just such a boy.

Luke Spring fell in love with dancing at age four, and it didn’t take long before he became an internet sensation. By now, Luke has enchanted millions of people with his skills!

Just one example of this is a video of Luke when he was 6 years old tap dancing with his teacher Justin M. Lewis.

You might think that a professional adult dancer —especially a teacher like Justin — would have a lot to teach a little boy.

But as you’ll soon see, Luke is a unique talent. He pulls off one difficult dance move after the next, and soon there’s a full-on dance contest between him and his teacher. Although Luke is only 6 years old, it’s impossible to pick a winner!

The video has been a grand success online, where it’s been viewed on YouTube almost 1.5 million times. And I can really see why — this is just so awesome. Fasten your seat belt and enjoy!

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