8 dancers turn their back to the crowd – when they turn around, everyone goes crazy

Have you ever watched something so impressive that you found it hard to put into words exactly how amazing it was?

That’s how I felt when I watched this group of crazy-talented clog dancers.

As these two young men and six young women take their places on stage with their backs facing the crowd, the audience has no idea exactly what they’re about to witness.

Then, Andy Grammer’s “Honey, I’m Good” kicks in and the jaw start dropping…

Although it looks like tap dancing, clogging is different from traditional tap. Cloggers wear different shoes and mainly make the sounds with their heels and not the balls of their feet as tap dancers do.


Judging by the reaction from the audience, I really don’t think they were ready for the impressive footwork these eight young cloggers displayed. After getting over the shock, there wasn’t a quiet onlooker in the house, as the audience started tapping its feet to the beat and those very fast moving feet!

Cloggers tend to dance in a group in unison, while tap dancers more often perform solo. These eight were certainly in unison as the crowd went crazy.

It really is flawless from start to finish. Watch it here:

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