The audience laughs at the 40-year-old on stage, then he starts singing and stuns them all into silence

This clip hit me right in the heart.

And the star of the clip — Thomas Crane performing on ‘Australia’s Got Talent’ — is a prime example of why we need to have talent shows.

The 40-year-old Scottish native installs antennas by day and by night sings in front of an audience .— of one, his wife, on a stage complete with lights and a smoke machine, in their Australian home.

There has been no breakthrough yet – as no one seems to have discovered Thomas’s talent. But on “Australia’s Got Talent,” Thomas finally gets the chance to perform for a much bigger audience.

The audience laughs

The audience laughs at the 40-year-old when he tells the judges he performs “at home in his kitchen”. But as you know, you should never judge a book by its cover — because Thomas showed them all he was no laughing matter.

He doesn’t just look like his rock idol Freddie Mercury, he also sounds like the legendary Queen singer. And when he starts singing “The Great Pretender”  the audience immediately starts to cheer.

Success online

It seems like his kitchen performances have paid off as Thomas got three very confident yeses from the jury, and he goes through to the next stage.

The video of his performance was posted online and has been viewed over 16 million times!

I just love success stories, where someone appears from nowhere and crushes people’s false judgments.

Thomas is a prime example of this, and I really hope he’s doing well in his singing career as he deserves it.

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