Autistic boy belts out song in grocery store – customers stop in their tracks when they hear his voice

Running errands and going to the grocery store is a boring, but necessary part of life. We walk up and down the aisles, picking up the items we need for the week’s meals. Hopefully, the store isn’t too busy and the checkout lines aren’t very long.

Sometimes, a trip to the grocery store can get interesting — like when this 10-year-old boy entered this store and decided to sing…

On this particular day, shoppers noticed a 10-year-old boy standing by himself at the end of the aisles. He didn’t look frightened or lost. Instead, he looked confident and determined.

Shoppers in the store didn’t know why he was standing there, but they were about to find out.

Credit: YouTube

He wants to be a singer

Calum Courtney is 10-years-old and he has autism. But, more importantly, Calum likes to sing and refuses to let anything, including autism, stand in his way.

He wants to be a performer and he’s willing to get his start anywhere — even the aisles of the local grocery store.

Credit: YouTube

Then he sings

In reality, most of the people in the store didn’t take much notice of Calum, at first. He looks like a normal 10-year-old boy and or course they weren’t aware of his autism or his desire to become a successful musician.

It’s hard to tell if Calum realized the impact he would have when he started to sing. Regardless, he began to sing for the entire store.

Credit: YouTube

Calum stepped out of his comfort zone and shared his voice with everyone in the store. They may not have expected much, but he showed them that in addition to his dedication and determination, that he has an excellent voice.

That day, he impressed everyone with his poise and talent that is well beyond his years. Since then, the video of his performance was shared on YouTube and has received over a million views!

Calum’s bravery and raw talent is an inspiration. There’s a good chance that this gifted young man will make his dream to become a singer come true.

Watch his beautiful performance in the video below:

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