Ballroom dancer is blind but puts on amazing performance with the help of ‘guardian angel’

I have always been envious of people that are excellent dancers. I watch from the sidelines as folks with rhythm, musicality, and magic feet move about the floor, by themselves or with an equally talented partner. Their bodies seem to blend with the music and while the music enhances the dance, it is the dancers own artistry and interpretation that truly brings it to life.

Meanwhile, on the rare occasion that I do attempt to dance, my interpretation of the music is not nearly as graceful or special. Even though I have gotten better over the years, my dancing will always be slightly wooden and awkward, and usually just slightly behind the beat. Making it even more uncomfortable is the feeling that others are witnessing my subpar dancing skills. In reality, they’re probably just enjoying themselves and I’m not even on their radar.

There are dancers like me, there are talented dancers, and then there are stunning professional dancers like the pair in this video. Their performance is even more special because of one reason – the male dancer is blind.

Alexander Bogdanov is a 25-year-old dancer and he calls his partner, Maria Keyzman, his “guardian angel”. Alexander grew up dancing, but a tragic accident left him without his sight. He assumed that he would never dance again to the level that he had before. But, Maria came along and changed all of that.

She showed Alexander that just because he had lost his sight did not mean that he wasn’t still a talented dancer. They worked together and even began competing in professional dance competitions. For the 2016 WDC European Nation Showcase Championship, the remarkably talented duo put together a routine that was inspired by Alexander’s accident and the time period following it when Maria helped him dance again.

There is a moment in the routine where Alexander looks like he has tripped over Maria and falls to the floor, devastated. It may appear as though it was a mistake in the dance, but moments later, Maria comes and lifts him up, symbolizing the times she helped him following his accident. It’s a raw and beautiful moment, but it is only a small portion of the gorgeous routine.

Alexander overcame a serious obstacle in order to continue to do what he loves. Please like and share his inspiring story. 

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