Band can’t find a drummer, so mom steps in. But when you hear what she does – you have got to be kidding me

When you’re playing rock ‘n’ roll, you’ve got to have a good drummer. Otherwise, your music won’t exactly rock.

But what if the only available drummer is a mom? Well, if you think that moms can’t rock, you haven’t seen this mom sit behind the kit.

Back in 2008, a rock ‘n’ roll band in Maine had everything they needed for the perfect sound — except a drummer. So they asked a local mom to join them for a song. And were they ever glad that she agreed.

This is one momma who knows how to rock, and it doesn’t hurt that the band is playing one of the best drum songs ever! No wonder this video has racked up so many views on YouTube.

Are you ready to be blown away? Check out this awesome mom rock the drums below!

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