Boy picks up mic in blind audition – judges and audience lose it when they hear him

When it comes to being seven years old and the care free existence most of us enjoyed, I think we can all agree it was a happy time and one we’d like to relive. Our focus was on playing, having adventures outside and maybe a little noise making perhaps?

Well the boy you’re about to see perform has his focus elsewhere, and it’s pretty impressive. This little boy loves country music and wants to be a star one day. When he steps up on stage the audience is overwhelmed with his cuteness but wait until he starts singing; the judges and audience just lose it.


The adorable Shaney-Lee stepped onto the stage of Britain’s “The Voice,” and instantly won the audience’s heart with his western outfit and serious expression. He even arrived at his audition by horse, showing just how serious he was about being the next country star.

Described by his mother as an “old man in a little person’s body,” Shaney clutched the mic confidently as he prepared to perform. His parents were tearing up even before he started singing as they watched their little boy walk bravely across the stage and take a stand, with the unsuspecting judges facing away from him.

From the very first note, the crowd went absolutely wild and were on their feet before he’d even finished his performance of John Denver’s “Take Me Home, Country Roads.”

Not only was his country “twang” adorable, but his strong stage presence was just as impressive.

His unwavering performance for someone so young is so impressive and his voice is so adorable; I couldn’t help but tear up watching him.

Watch his impressive performance in the video below

I think Shaney is someone we should all be watching out for in the future; I can’t wait to see where his talent takes him. Please share if you agree.