Chloe Paige silences Simon Cowell with an incredible version of ‘Amazing Grace’

Chloe Paige was going to sing a cappella, but notoriously tough judge Simon Cowell did not making that announcement an easy one. He was quick to show his classic skepticism, making Chloe more nervous than ever.

As the bubbly and talented woman began to give the audience a brief introduction about her performance, Simon was less than convinced.

Singing a cappella is never a good idea, he claimed — not to mention that Chloe was about to take on one of history’s most famous and powerful songs.

But Chloe would soon shut him up!


Amazing Grace, written in the 18th century by John Newton, is not only popular because of its beautiful melody — but also because of its lyrics.

Singing a cappella is extremely difficult, of course, and Simon made sure to mention it to Chloe.

“You’re a brave girl,” he says, and it seems like he really means it.


But Chloe soon reveals that she truly knows how to sing straight from the heart and possesses a talent like few others.

Managing to sing Amazing Grace a cappella is indeed incredibly impressive. Listen for yourself below, and you’ll understand what I mean!

Although it was a very bold choice, it was the best one she could ever have made.

That Simon could not hold back his applause after hearing her incredible spin on this classic hymn speaks volumes.

Please share Chloe’s wonderful performance so that even more people can discover her amazing gift!

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