Choir gathers in unusual venue; their spine-chilling performance has lit up the internet

We’re used to choirs singing in places other than on a stage in a theater; some have performed on bridges, outside against the backdrop of beautiful scenery and even in intimate settings in front of a select few.

But when Bethel College Choir gathered to perform “Down to the River to Pray” they performed in the most unlikeliest venue with no room for an audience, the result is so impressive viewers can’t help but share it.



With the help of Farmer Derek Klingenberg they were able to perform in an empty silo.

The choir practiced for weeks so the special acoustics of this big steel container wouldn’t be hindered by any wrong notes.

The talented group of singers and musicians gave a spine-chilling performance as their amazing sound reverberated off the silo’s steel walls and the camera hanging overhead recorded it all.

When they had finished smiles spread across all of their faces; a realization of what they had just achieved. It was a performance to be proud of.

Unsurprisingly more than 144,000 people have viewed this hauntingly beautiful performance. See it for yourself in the video below.

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