Country boy shocks judges with incredible voice

How many times have we witnessed Simon Cowell — the iconic judge who has redefined the art of brutal honesty in talent searches — being rude toward those auditioning?

And considering that he has been a judge on TV for over 15 years, one can understand that he is hard to impress.

But at the same time I’m pretty sure he’ll never forget about November 1, 2012, when 18-year-old Willie Jones stepped up on stage and delivered a performance that allowed the arena to completely drop the chin.

The jury, including Britney Spears and Simon Cowell, had not in their wildest imagination believed that Willie would choose the song he made.

X-Factor contestant Willie Jones strolled onstage with a denim vest, blue flannel tied around his waist, and white sneakers.

His style was dubbed as a “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” flair by Demi Lovato, one of the judges on the panel.

Willie showed that he had both Southern charm and manners as he addressed each judge with “sir” or “ma’am”, even continuing to say “sir” when judge LA Reid told him, “Just yes is fine.”

Sometimes people are fooled by the outside and that was exactly what happened this day.


And look at Simon’s face when he realize what a voice Willie Jones possesses…

Check out Willie’s incredible performance below!

Surely this 18 year old is wonderfully talented? As much as I liked his voice, I liked the reaction of the audience and jury.

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