Crowd cheers when Elvis classic starts to play – but suddenly the music changes and everyone gasps

When shy and visibly nervous teen Taylor Goodridge walked up to the microphone on UK talent show “Britain’s Got Talent” the four judges didn’t know what to expect.

But Simon Cowell, Amanda Holden, Alesha Dixon and David Williams were curious about what the young man would come out with.

Taylor Goodridge, AKA Balance Unity, had put together a medley of songs from diffent generations, and took the judges and audience on a musical journey.

It all started with the Elvis classic “Hound Dog”, and Taylor had me captivated from the very beginning!

Watch the incredible performance for yourself below, and see how this talented young guy had the whole audience up on their feet!

The audience clearly loves what they see, and so do the judges. The expression on Simon’s face is priceless!


This 17 year old took everyone by surprise, especially the judges. 

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