Freddie Mercury impersonator stuns TV judges and audience with a mighty Queen rendition

There was something very special about Freddie Mercury. The legendary singer had such charisma and a catalog of absolute world-class music – beyond that, he had a voice so distinctive that he never failed to captivate an audience.

Just look at the masterpiece “Bohemian Rhapsody”, where Mercury combined ballad, opera and rock into the same song! With the outstanding talent he had, it’s no wonder that very few manage – or even dare – to impersonate Freddie Mercury.

As a  Queen fan, it really warms my heart to see this kind of performance.

Not only did this contestant dare to sing a Queen song during an episode of Russia’s The Voice in 2014, the contestant also dressed up like him!

But it was not a man performing this amazing impersonation. Underneath this impressive makeup was a woman called Ksena Sergienko. And she didn’t need much time to convince the audience, judges and TV viewers.

Sergienko just had to open her mouth to prove that the song “The Show Must Go On” was the perfect choice! The crowd cheered wildly, the judges sat with mouths wide open – and one of the judges was so touched by the performance he had to wipe away the tears after!

Watch the video below and, just like me, you will be fascinated by this awesome number. It’s like going back in time – and I think somewhere Freddie Mercury himself was impressed!

Do not hesitate to share this amazing performance to show everyone how talented this young girl is. She deserves it!