Groom nervously sings beautiful song as bride walks down the aisle putting everyone in tears

They say people bring their best to weddings, and this is certainly true for every wedding I have ever attended. All are in a joyful mood and the room just radiates with love and happiness.

It’s almost like every detail is magnified in emotion on that day.

So when a groom decided to surprise his bride with a wonderful singing performance as she walked down the aisle, it’s only normal that the whole room got goosebumps.

As the wedding party enters the room and began walking down the aisle, the groom begins to sing. But no reaction was quite as strong as that of stunning bride Jill.

As she walks down the aisle, a clearly nervous groom stands, back towards her, and prepares to stun the whole room. What an incredible, intimate moment he decided to share!


What a perfect way to start a marriage! Something tells me these two lovebirds will stand the test of time.

Watch the heartfelt moment in the video below and don’t forget to share if you thought this was wonderful, too!