Judge throws herself on button after 3 seconds – watch how young girl silences entire arena

Sometimes you just know you’re witnessing something incredible and rare the very moment you see it.

That was certainly the case for German talent show The Voice Kids recently, when they welcomed young performer Sofie. The girl barely had her mouth open for three seconds before one of the show’s judges had hit the button to turn her chair around. Yes, you heard that correctly. In fact, Sofie only actually managed to get two words out before she enjoyed her first success on the contest!

So, what exactly is it that the girl does to give the judge, the audience and the television viewers shivers up and down their spine? Well, have a listen for yourself and find out. Personally, I’m fairly confident that you’ll love Sofie’s cover of Édith Piaf’s classic Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien as much as I do.

Turn your volume up, hit play on the clip below, and enjoy an exceptionally powerful performance. Give it a share to spread some joy today!


Consider me captivated! How is it such a young girl can sing as though she’s been on a stage for fifty years?

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