New release: Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani lighting up the internet with their Christmas song

Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton have been going strong for years now and they are one of music industry’s most adorable couples.

The singers found love together following their respective divorces.

In November 2015, Stefani and her The Voice co-star, country music artist Blake Shelton, announced that they were dating.

Each sat as judges on the hit reality show and won millions of hearts with their unique sounds, but it’s their recent achievement together that’s raising eyebrows.



The couple’s new collaboration, “You Make it Feel Like Christmas,”, recorded by Stefani and featuring heartfelt vocals from Shelton, paints a picture of Wintertime love and romance.

Gwen Stefani has given a lot of credit to her country crooner boyfriend for help with the lyrics.

“I sent Gwen a couple of lines of the song. She took it and made the song what it is. I just sent her an idea,” Shelton humbly explained to ET.

”She tries to say that I co-wrote it, but I just sang on it.”

The mini movie shows a variety of seasonal situations between The Voice coach and the No Doubt singer.

The entire production has an I Love Lucy-inspired theme, which Blake called out in a tweet announcing the jingle. “Lucy…You got some splaining to do!!!!!” he wrote, referencing one of the most famous lines from the iconic show.

Listen to their sweet new Christmas track in the video below.

So catchy! And they are so adorable together!

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