Keith Urban never sang the National Anthem: Now watch when he opens mouth and crowd goes completly silent

Country legend Keith Urban has lived in the United States for 25 & has never been asked to sing the National Anthem.

But before a this Predators vs. Ducks game, Keith Urban stepped into the rink to perform the iconic tune for the very first time.

“I’ve lived in America 25 years. I’ve never been asked to sing the National Anthem. It was such an honor to do it here in Nashville for the Preds,” Urban told NHL’s Jon Morosi after his performance.

Country singer Keith Urban maintains dual citizenship in the U.S. and Australia.

“It’s a nerve-wracking experience but above all, it’s a huge honor. For me, from all the years I’ve lived here, one of the proudest moments ever in my life.”


When it was Keith’s turn with this iconic song he definitely knocked it out of the park.

Just listen to his special version of the national anthem and you will agree with the crowd – who was on their feet with excitement.

Performing the national anthem was a career milestone for the father of two.

Before stepping up to the microphone, Keith shared a short video on Twitter, where he expressed his excitement over the whole thing.

Watch Keith sing the anthem in front of the sellout crowd.

Well done by Keith. By far the best I have ever heard. Didn’t try to change it, embellish it or anything. Sang it the way it was intended. Wow! I hope we hear this a lot more in the future. 

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