Legendary singer Tom Jones has a special treat for the audience in between auditions on ‘The Voice’

Welsh singing legend Tom Jones boasts a successful career spanning six decades and was once described as a “musical shape shifter” for his ability to move from one musical genre to another.

The 78-year-old has won a Grammy and has received countless other recognitions for his contribution to music. In 2016 he was knighted for his services to music by Queen Elizabeth and became Sir Tom Jones.

He’s come back into the spotlight recently as a judge on U.K. talent show ‘The Voice’. In one episode fellow judge Olly Murs started singing one of Jones’ biggest hits, and one lucky audience got an unexpected treat.

Born in Glamorgan, South Wales, Jones didn’t like school or sports but when he started to sing he came alive.

At the age of 24 he released his first song “Chills and Fever.” The song didn’t even make it into the charts but his follow up single ‘It’s not unusual’ would be forever etched in people’s minds.

By the following year he had become one of the most popular vocalists of the ‘British Invasion.’

Since then, the son of a coal miner whose real name is Thomas John Woodward, has sold over 100 million albums.

These days you can find him passing on some golden singing tips to contestants on long-running show ‘The Voice U.K.’

But it was in between auditions that one lucky audience was treated to a performance none of them expected.

During the episode, fellow judge Olly Murs begins humming the intro to Jones’ signature song— “It’s Not Unusual”.

After Murs sings a few lines, the audience cheers for Jones to join in.

Tom looks hesitant to sing but after shouts from the audience, encouragement from his fellow judges and the band joining in to play the song, Tom can’t resist.

With his iconic, raspy voice he belts out “It’s Not Unusual” and the crowd goes wild and he stands up to perform.

The audience is even treated to Jones’ signature hip-swinging moves which are met with some very loud screams.

Almost 5 million people have watched this performance. See this legend sing his classic in the video below.

It’s hard to believe this man is 78 years old. What a legend! Please share with all the Tom Jones fans you know and help put a smile on their faces today.