Man walks into Goodwill and sits down at piano, seconds later shoppers are in tears

Christmas is nearly here, and if you’re like me then you still have a list a mile long of gifts and food to pick up before the family gathers. If the thought of facing the Christmas rush fills you with dread, you’re definitely not alone.

But what if there was someone on hand to bring a little cheer to the surroundings – with an upbeat, surprise performance, for example?

That’s exactly what happened at this Goodwill store in Norwalk, Ohio, when this man sat down in front of a piano in the middle of the store and treated shoppers to a cheery performance.

It might seem simple to some, but unexpected moments like this really make my day. I just had to share this – hopefully it will bring a smile to your face, too!


Isn’t he talented? I can’t stop smiling after this unexpected music fix. If it made you smile too, don’t forget to share this performance with all of your friends!

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