Miner transforms Simon & Garfunkel’s classic – the result is like nothing you’ve ever heard before

It’s no easy task: to take Simon & Garfunkel’s timeless masterpiece “The Sound of Silence” and give it a whole new appeal.

Especially because the song, since it was released in spring 1964, has already been played extensively and re-interpreted by every subsequent generation.

But this isn’t your standard cover artist.

Meet Todd Hoffman. A man born 8 years after ”The Sound of Silence” was released, whose life took a drastic turn in 2008.

The financial crisis had hit the USA and Todd’s own business, renting out aircraft hangers, hit rock bottom.

Todd began a new venture as a miner when he took part in TV show ”Gold rush” along with a group of other unemployed contestants.

It was an immediate success and Todd quickly became a TV personality and the star of the show – but few people knew about his hidden talent.


He has one hell of a voice.

Nobody knew that he could sing, let alone that he was so talented.

Todd himself says that he has clearly made progress with his singing, but that there’s still room for improvement. We have to say that your voice already sounds pretty great, Todd!

I get goosebumps just listening to his cover!

Take a listen to this magical rendition for yourself:

What do you think – is it better than the original? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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