Music legend Elton John relives his music dream in tear-jerking Christmas ad

We all remember those certain gifts that created a feeling that we’ve never forgotten and in come cases changed the shape of our lives completely.

For legendary musician Elton John, that moment was one specific Christmas morning when he was a young boy. The Grammy award-winning artist relived the moment when he received that one gift that changed his life and musical history forever.


Long-running U.K. department store John Lewis featured the very special guest in its latest Christmas ad, and its causing hearts to melt across the globe.

Focusing on the happiness that has surrounded this beloved musical instrument, Elton takes us back to his humble beginnings and the passion that was ignited by this one musical gift.

For any Elton fans it’s a huge treat as the two-minute ad gives us a brief glimpse of each decade that this musical great has been performing and his changing style; but ever constant is the piano.


We’re then shown an actor playing Elton as a young boy playing the piano on stage at school while his proud mom looks on and then finally that fateful Christmas morning when he received that special musical gift  — the scene is a real tear-jerker.

This one gift changed the course of his life forever and now at 71 years old he considered one of the greatest musicians on the planet.


See the ad that has captured the hearts of so many others in the video below.

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