Nervous man performs Queen classic – nobody can believe what comes out of his mouth

At the end of a long day of auditions on “America’s Got Talent” 28-year-old Brian Justin Crum enters the stage and tells the judges he’s come with his mom and he wants to be a singer.

The very unassuming and handsome Brian announces his song choice in his softly spoken voice as Queen’s “Somebody to Love.”

Just a few seconds into his performance and the audience are shouting and screaming; when he’s finished there isn’t a person left sitting.




The actor and singer talked about the rock that his mother had been throughout his life and the sacrifices she had made for his happiness.

Behind the scenes Brian said he was bullied so badly as a child for being overweight, gay and for his love of singing, that he begged his mom to let him move to Oregon and stay with his aunt and uncle for a “fresh start.”

She had agreed and he was so grateful as he recognized how hard that must have been for her.

Worked with Queen

At the young age of 17, he left his hometown to travel around the nation as part of the cast of the musical, “Wicked.”

Since then, he’s appeared in numerous musicals including “Jesus Christ Superstar” and most recently “We Will Rock You” where he was able to work with original Queen band members Brian May and Roger Taylor,


After the audience and judges jump to their feet in appreciation of his amazing talent, judge Howie Mandel said Brian had found “everybody to love him”.

He received four confident yeses and a declaration of love from Spice Girl and judge Mel B.


Watch the stunning performance that moved Brian forward to the finals of Season 11. Such a huge talent.

Please share this wonderful and uplifting audition with your friends and family. It moved me to tears.