Nervous man stands alone on stage, but when he opens his mouth he shuts down all the doubters

Stephen Barry has a beautifully unique talent. As soon as he opens his mouth to sing, everyone in the room is completely amazed. It just seems impossible to have such a soft tone with a huge, powerful voice — Stephen Barry demonstrates exactly how beautiful it can sound.

Armed with the perfect song choice, he stepped onto the stage with a microphone in his hand. Although he seems a bit nervous at the beginning, he knew that there was no turning back…

Instead of giving into his nerves and giving up on his singing dreams, Stephen did something very brave. He took things in his own hands, sang with all his heart and because of that, his appearance made a lasting impression. Stephen’s voice immediately stole the audience’s hearts. It was not only because of his voice, but also his courage. His voice is so powerful that the judges grab each other’s hands and enjoy the moment, because of the feelings that were brought about by Stephen’s performance.

It is artists like Stephen Barry that people can relate to most. When the audience saw him take the stage, so incredibly nervous, they saw a genuine person. When he began to sing, they saw a true star totally in his element. Although Stephen Barry took a risk that day, without knowing the result, he was willing to put himself out there because of his love for music.

Stephen’s courage is a true inspiration for anyone to do what they love. At the end of his performance, it is clear that he is happier than ever. With a smile and a deep breath he had done his very best, and the judges made sure to let him know how well he did.

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