Roofers working when music starts. Now watch how the one in blue gets the whole internet doubled up laughing.


Andrew Wilcox and his colleague were building a shed when a real tune came on the radio.

Enrique Iglesia’s “Bailando” played from the speakers and Andrew started to feel the rhythm take over.

Although dancing on a roof may not be recommended, it’s difficult to not get caught up in his enthusiasm.

Andrew Wilcox

His colleague doesn’t seem too concerned as Andrew hops across rooves and swings his hips.

Luckily, someone managed to catch Andrew’s impressive performance on film and Andrew shared the clip on YouTube.

It’s not suprising that over 1 million people are swooning over Andrew.

Andrew Wilcox

There are many people singing Andrew’s praises in the comments. A fellow roofer even wrote that he lets his employees take a short break from work now and then so they can get their groove on.

Andrew showcases a range of different dance styles and there are times when you’re sure he’s going to fall. Luckily the guy seems to have flawless footwork.

Andrew really proves that work doesn’t have to be boring!

Take a look at his performance below:

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