Hunk takes place on the ice: then 80s song kicks in and the audience totally loses it

Do you love to dance? To just let go and shake it like no one’s watching you?

Well, no movie captures that spirit like the hit 80s movie “Footloose.”

It brought out the wild dancer in me when I first saw it and it still makes me want to cut a rug every time I hear it.

Today, almost 35 years after the movie’s premiere, I have a hard time sitting still when I hear the film’s theme song.

So when I saw this video of a figure skater dancing to “Footloose,” I couldn’t help but get out of my chair and dance along.

Ryan Bradley

Ryan Bradley skates onto the ice and the audience has no idea what to expect.

Wearing a T-shirt and jeans, Ryan takes his starting position. And when the music starts, there’s no doubt that he was born to dance.

Watch Ryan’s magical performance here:

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