Sarah McLachlan and Pink’s stunning duet leaves audience screaming for more

When Candian singer, songwriter Sarah McLachlan and Pink came together to sing McLachlan’s 1997 hit  “In the Arms of the Angel” it became the most talked about performance of the 2008 American Music Awards.

It was the perfect combination of country and rock sounds uniting for this beautiful song which McLachlan wrote after the death of a fellow musician.

The performance is still getting hits today and you’ll see why when you hear the perfect singing pair in the video below.


Since the song’s release it spent 29 weeks inside the Billboard Top 100 and has been used as the backdrop of many a romantic movie scene as well as advertising campaigns.

The idea to duet came about after the two met at Ellen Degeneres’ 50th birthday party.

“She told me about seeing Prince playing ‘Angel’ at Coachella and that she sang every word at top of her lungs. And I thought, ‘Hmm…I think I know who might be able to sing it with me.’ I love her voice, she’s got a great rock ‘n’ roll grit that’s really soulful as well,” said Sarah.

Watch the video below of this achingly beautiful song performed perfectly.

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