Shy 14-year-old hesitates to perform difficult classic – moments later the crowd is on its feet

Overcoming shyness in the face of a crowd is no easy feat, but in this performance, Olivia Archbold from the UK shows exactly how it’s done.

The shy 14-year-old has one dream: that within five short years, she find herself on the big stage, facing millions. And after listening to her spellbinding performance, I have no doubt that this will be possible.

The jury of Britain’s Got Talent, including critical Simon Cowell, also agree!

There to support young Olivia on scene are her parents and two sisters. Her nerves are certainly on edge, but she is determined to make a lasting impression on both the audience and of course, the jury.

Source: YouTube

The moment young Olivia softly lets out the first notes of beautiful classic “In the Arms of an Angel” by Canadian artist Sarah McLachlin, silence befalls the room — followed by loud cheers.

Source: YouTube

And incredibly, Simon Cowell is among the most impressed!

Source: YouTube

Listen to Olivia’s spellbinding performance for yourself below. And don’t forget to share this young girl’s amazing talent if you were as impressed as we were!