Shy boy takes to the stage: Performs an incredible cover of Queen’s classic song and moves the judges to tears

When 10-year-old Alex Pirvu took to the stage on TV show “Next Star”, he didn’t dare make eye contact with the judges and the audience.

He seemed a little nervous at first, but it didn’t take him long to feel right at home.

I understand why Alex is a little shaky on stage. Performing one of Freddie Mercury’s signature songs in front of an audience at just 10 years old is no easy task!

But when the tune of “Show Must Go On” begins to play, Alex is able to relax, and it soon becomes clear that the boy has an incredible set of pipes!

Sometimes it’s strange how the biggest voices can come from such small bodies!

The judges are of course a little stunned by the 10 year old’s deep and powerful voice. They can’t believe their ears – and they’re not the only ones!

Listen to this little boy’s amazing voice in the video below. What a great gift!

It’s really incredible that a 10 year old boy can perform this classic song so well! Freddie Mercurywould be proud… 

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