Simon says “what?!” to the 17-year-old’s song selection – but watch when she opens her mouth

As a judge on six talent shows over the last few decades, there isn’t much music mogul Simon Cowell hasn’t seen or heard. From the terrible to the terrific there can’t be much that really causes a strong reaction from him these days.

But even he could not hold back his surprise at this teenage girl’s daring song choice and said: “What?! Really? “ When he heard what 17-year-old Lanya Matthews was about to sing for her audition.

Lanya confidently introduces herself to the crowd on U.K. talent show “The X Factor” and told the judges, who also included singer Robbie Williams, formerly of boy band Take That and One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson, that she was going to be performing Jennifer Hudson’s “And I’m telling You I’m Not Going.”

Simon felt the need to question this confident Londoner and said “what? really,” when she announced her song choice. The Dreamgirls’ hit is a powerful song and it’s tough to follow in the mighty Jennifer Hudson’s footsteps.

But let me say this, Lanya knew exactly what she was doing.

The teenager explained to the panel that she had taken the mature decision to wait a year before auditioning to make sure she was absolutely ready. Now, she was ready to do herself proud on stage with this amazing song.

It’s worth watching just to see Simon eat his words and the panel shocked at her amazing performance.

See Lanya’s powerful audition on The X Factor:

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