Singing sensation Lauren Daigle performs Christmas song – and there isn’t a dry eye in the house

Grammy-nominated Christian singer Lauren Daigle joins forces with fellow Christian singer Chris Tomlin to show us all the true spirit of Christmas.

This spine-tingling performance from Lauren is set in a beautiful church and the acoustics are phenomenal. It’s super soulful and sure to bring a tear to your eye.


At the tender age of 27 Lauren has only been active on the music circuit since 2010 but already has had an album go platinum and has received three Grammy nominations.

She was also awarded the New Artist of the Year at the Dove Awards for her song “How Can It Be.”

‘World of distraction’

The Louisiana artist recently talked to  Way Nation  about her faith and how we all need to slow down and enjoy the moment. An important message for this time of year.

“Do I think we’re in an identity crisis? I do, personally, because there’s so much vying for our attention, vying for our affection… We can’t spend a moment without staying connected… be present without something distracting us. This is something I’ve, honestly, gotta work on. I have made distraction my normal,” she said.

“This morning I sat still… I’m gonna just practice being still… just kept things really simple. I think that’s what this song for me was. It’s going back to the basics. It’s about going back to remembering, ‘Ok, God, what do you say about me?’… When I’m dealing with a world of distraction in my thought life, in my physical life, around me, emotionally, whenever those things are happening, what are the basics that I can go back to that are fundamental?”


The song she performed so beautifully “Noel” was written by longtime Christian music artist, worship leader, and songwriter Chris Tomlin.

The Grammy award-winning artist has sold over 7 million records and his songs can be heard in churches around the world.

It was an honor for Lauren to perform a song by such an inspiration on the Christian music scene and this really comes across in her amazing performance.


Listen to her stunning singing in the clip below and prepare yourself for the goosebumps!

It’s the perfect song to start the holiday season. Please share with your friends and family and help them to stop, relax and enjoy a moment listening to such a beautiful song.