Supermarket worker tests PA system – his first note stops Christmas shoppers in their tracks

When you’ve got a hidden talent, you never know when it will be discovered!

This video was taken recently at Russo’s Supermarket in Watertown, Massachusetts.

One of the store’s employees surprised everyone with a voice that gave Christmas shoppers the chills.

It happened when Guilherme Assuncao, or “Gillie” as he is called, was helping set up equipment for a concert scheduled for the next day.

Gillie offered to do a soundcheck, and as soon as he started singing, all the store’s customers froze.

The young employee started singing on “O Holy Night” and shoppers immediately got goosebumps.

Later, the grocery store uploaded a video of the performance on Facebook to the great joy of many.

Gillie is a 23-year-old who arrived in the United States from Brazil just two years ago.

He has lived in Boston for the past six months and has worked at Russo’s Supermarket in Watertown while studying.

According to Gillie, he has never taken vocal lessons, but he has been in some musicals back in Brazil.

All the positive feedback has hit him straight in the heart.

“I’m really shocked,” Gillie told WBUR News.

Now, he’s thinking about chasing his dream and pursuing a career in music.

Listen to this wonderful unknown talent in this video:

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