Tears flow after Irish priest reveals song choice: Simon calls it ‘one of my favorite ever’

So they say that talent is a gift from God, so maybe we shouldn’t be so surprised to hear a priest with such a heavenly voice,

Father Ray Kelly lives in Oldcastle, County Meath, Ireland, where he leads the parishes of St. Brigids and St. Marys. In addition, he has an enormous passion for music and loves to sing with his community in church.

But he had no idea that a video once made of him singing would lead him appear on “Britain’s Got Talent.”

When Father Ray Kelly walked onstage on “Britain’s Got Talent,” he didn’t look like the average contestant. He was much older and didn’t fit the profile of bubbly young singer looking to break into Britain’s pop scene. So when Father Kelly grabbed the microphone, nobody knew what to expect.

But from the moment Father Kelly announced he’d sing “Everybody Hurts” by REM to when he opened his angelic mouth to his last note, the tears flowed.

Check out Father Kelly’s goosebump-inducing performance here:

It’s not often that you hear a voice that’s simultaneously so smooth and powerful. That Simon said that this was “one of my favorite ever auditions” says it all.

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