Teen steps on stage to sing, when Simon asks him to look at the seat next to his mom

The role of being a parent should never be underestimated. Simply being there and showing your support can really change everything. Just ask 16-year-old Reuben Gray.

Before his audition on Britain’s Got Talent, this mature teenager decided to sing a self-written piece to his girlfriend, whom he had previously treated badly.

Of course, just opening the door to your private life and standing there alone, sensitive and vulnerable, is a great risk – and it wasn’t made any easier by the fact Reuben was lacking the support his biggest supporter.

You see, the 16-year-old’s dad was working overseas for around nine months of the year. As he himself explained it “it didn’t feel right” without the father in the audience.

But soon Reuben would get a surprise that changed everything.

When judge Simon Cowell asked if his father was a bigger supporter than his mother, a loud voice suddenly was heard in the audience – and of course, when Reuben looked out into the audience, his father suddenly stood there, as if from nowhere.

The teenager’s reaction really says most about how much the unexpected support meant.

Reuben stared, gaped, put his hand to his face and was rendered completely speechless. After a time, he managed to gather himself, full of renewed courage, and perform an emotional and courageous audition.

With the dad’s support nothing could stop the 16-year-old showcasing enormous talent with his enchanting voice, dexterity on the piano and skills as a songwriter.

“You come on and are genuine, original, take risks and I like the song really, really much. You have talent, you really do,” said judge Simon Cowell, this before Reuben received four clear yes votes.

Just watch at the moment in the clip below:

With his dad’s support, nothing could stop Reuben. 

He is a talented young man, and we will probably hear more from him in the future!

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