The audience laughs at the 53-year-old farmer on stage: But watch their reaction when she opens her mouth

Something I love about talent shows is that everyone gets a chance – no matter your age, background or appearance. When someone who doesn’t fit the stereotypical mold steps on stage, people are often too quick to judge before they’ve even seen what this person has to offer.

When Jacqueline Faye introduced herself on “The X Factor,” the U.K’s equivalent to “American Idol,” and started talking about the animals she had on her farm, most people including judge Simon Cowell, thought she was a figure of fun. Then sweet farmer lady Jacqueline opens her mouth and their reaction is priceless.


Jacqueline’s performance was posted online only a week ago and already half a million people have watched her sing. When you see the wonderful twist in her tale you’ll understand why.

Jacqueline is clearly very nervous onstage talking to the judges. She tells them that she lives on a farm with a lot of animals.There are chickens, ducks, horses and even peacocks, she tells everyone. Nobody seems to know what to make of her and some start to laugh while Simon rolls his eyes.

Simon’s reaction says everything

Then the very charming Robbie Williams, who seems to be the only one who appreciates her great down-to-earth life story, asks her what she’s going to sing.

She tells everyone that she has chosen to sing Cilla Black’s 1960s’ hit You’re My World  and begins her performance and that’s when it all changes.

Simon Cowell’s expression changes completely and the audience shifts from laughing at her to laughing in absolute delight at Jacqueline’s amazing singing talent.

By the end of her powerful number, the audience are on their feet and Simon is smiling from ear to ear as he, along with everyone else, recognizes that a new star has been born!

Watch Jacqueline’s amazing audition in the video below. 

This talented lady is a perfect example of how you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. Has Simon discovered the next Susan Boyle? Fee free to share your thoughts on our Facebook page and share this impressive performance with your friends and family.