This Abba interpretation makes the jury go bananas – and throw themselves on their buzzers

Abba has truly had an impact on the music world. It’s hardly a coincidence that the group’s legendary song history has lived on internationally for decades — and still today, new interpretations of the Swedish wonder group continue to thrill and excite people from around the world.

In this Dutch version of The Voice, for instance, the power of Abba’s music is put to the test. Baggio walks up on stage, bringing with him an incredible energy and breathtaking talent. It’s no wonder the judges are soon pouncing on their buzzers.

Indeed, it only takes Baggio 9 short seconds before all three jury members are convinced. The talented young man certainly has something special, and certainly made the right song choice.

Today, this clip has been seen more than one million times, and I understand why — watching this man’s performance just makes you happy! Listen for yourself in the video below, and chances are it will compel you to pass the joys of Abba and Baggio further to everyone you know.

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