Trombone players get ready to play and leaves crowd speechless

When this group of talented musicians got ready to play their trombones, I wasn’t ready for what happened next.

The trombonists, from China Spring High School, in Texas, started a routine that was so flawless, it’s not surprising the crowd they attracted, who then started to record the band’s impressive moves.

Thank goodness someone shared this mesmerizing sequence online so we can all enjoy it.



I’m told that this type of marching band choreography is called “Trombone suicide,” needless to say it doesn’t look easy and involves all members working together not missing a beat.

The entire school is watching them as they perform their routine and you can see the focus on their faces; these youngsters mean business!


The crowd is so quiet while watching these fast-paced moves. The video was shared online and has attracted hundreds of thousands of people from around the globe, who all share my enthusiasm for this impressive routine.

See for yourself in the video below. These kids’ dedication is such an inspiration.

I hope this group continues to play and perform as they get older; such a talented group of teenagers.

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