Young man performs Queen cover and reduces superstar Céline Dion to tears

Canadian superstar Celine Dione achieved worldwide fame in the ’90s with numerous number one hits and the highest grossing music tour between 2007 and 2008.

She has one of the best and most recognizable vocals in the business and is such a powerhouse on stage.

So you can only imagine the kind of talent you would have to possess to get this star’s attention. But one singer succeeded —  Canadian Marc Martel.

Superstar and songwriter Céline Dion was appearing on Radio-Canada TV and makes a special request to hear the classic. Not actually thinking it was going to happen Marc appears on stage and from the moment he opens his mouth, Celine is in shock.

The Canadian Christian rock singer starts belting out the Queen classic “Somebody to Love.” I’m sure he was nervous performing in front of such an icon and she’s staring right at him!

But singing one of the most iconic band’s songs  in front of one of the best female singers of all time did not deter this young man from performing his heart out. His performance is quite extraordinary.

marc martel, freddie mercury, céline dion, somebody to love

True, Marc might be a little nervous, but he really wanted to do everything to impress Céline. And it did not take long before he succeeded. With a voice as striking as Freddie Mercury’s, he stood there and delivered a truly outstanding performance – and soon Céline Dion was wiping the tears from her face.

See for yourself in the video below; it’s so impressive.

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