10-year-old comes up with effective way to protect herself against bullies

No child should have to tolerate bullies at school; all children should be free to go to school knowing they are safe.

The idea that a child goes to school feeling frightened is heartbreaking and yet it happens with too many kids every day.

Now one fifth grader has come up with a way of deterring her bully who had threatened to kill her, and her method is catching on.

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Giada Oates, a 5th grader from New Jersey, was bullied by someone two years older than her.

According to the New York Post that bully grabbed her from behind and placed her in a choke hold and whispered that she was going to “die a silent death.”

Reported to the police

She’d also had to endure graphic sexual comments from another boy, according to the article.

Both incidents were reported to the principal and the choking incident was reported to the police who are investigating the matter.

But Giada decided she had to do something to defend herself and after watching a movie was inspired to bring a whistle to school.

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The brave 10-year-old keeps one at hand while at school to deter the bullies.

“It gives me confidence,” Giada, told the New York Post. “I know that if I blow it, someone will come help me.”

The whistle draws attention to a situation when the victim can’t cry out or may be ignored by their shouts so people nearby can help out.

After a few of her classmates also started wearing the whistles Giada’s parents bought 85 whistles to hand out to her fellow students, mainly girls.

While Giada is doing something to help herself it’s worrying that she has to resort to these measures in the first place.

No person should feel threatened or unsafe while pursuing their education and all schools should adopt a zero-tolerance policy should any pupil be caught committing such offences.

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