11 suprising reasons why you should always have baking powder at home

Most of us have a carton of baking powder at home, since it’s a many sided product with many uses.

It’s mainly used as a rising agent when you bake. It reacts, forms bubbles and releases carbon dioxide gas, which causes dough to rise.

But baking powder, and especially bicarbonate soda, have been shown to have many positive attributes even outside of the kitchen.

It’s an old home remedy for coughs, has a whitening effect on teeth, can scare away ants from your cupboards and can even be used as a polish.

Baking powder consists of bicarbonate, acids and starch and is a little weaker than pure bicarbonate – 1 tsp of bicarbonate is equal to 2 tsp baking powder.

Baking powder/bicarbonate is one of the cheapest home remedies around, and here are 11 suprising ways to use it:


1. Heartburn, indigestion and sores

Bicarbonate can neutralize stomach acid, which relieves indigestion and heartburn, according to U.S. National Library of Medicine. Bicarbonate can quickly neutralize stomach acid so it becomes less acidic and corrosive.

Dissolve half a teaspoon in half a glass of water and drink at 2 hour intervals. Note that this should be considered a temporary treatment because excessive use can cause problems with the body’s acidic balance.

2. Fresher, whiter teeth

Baking powder acts as a mild abrasive and can scrub away discoloration on the teeth and fight bad breath, according to WebMD. 

Baking soda contains sodium bicarbonate, which is also found in some toothpastes and can reduce plaque, according to several studies. You can also make your own paste by mixing a teaspoon of powder with a few drops of water. Brush your teeth for a couple of minutes, then continue with normal brushing.

Repeat no more than 2-3 times a month.

3. Increased stamina

Studies suggest that sodium bicarbonate intake may be beneficial to improving stamina during long distance training, such as running or cycling.


4. Natural deodorant

Use a pinch of baking soda and water instead of commercial deodorants, which are often full of parabens and can contain high levels of aluminium. You can also use baking powder on it’s own.

5. Cleaner hands

Want to remove dirt from your hands and neutralize smells? Wash them with a mixture of one third baking powder and two third water.

6. Relieves insect bites

Mix baking powder with water and apply the mix to an insect bite to relieve itching. It can also help heal minor skin irritations and itchy rashes – a study from the University of Iowa showed that bicarbonate has anti-bacterial properties.

7. Works wonders for tired feet

Worn out feet after a long walk or shopping trip in town? Mix 3-4 teaspoons of baking soda per liter of water and enjoy a relaxing foot bath.

Using baking soda with essential oils can help protect your feet from from infections and bad odours, according to studies.

8. Soothe sunburn

To relieve sunburn, run a bath with 100 ml baking powder. You can also hold a cold compress with water and baking powder against the affected area.


9. Rich in sodium

Sodium is the most important mineral for maintaining good health. Sodium bicarbonate is a great source of sodium and can also contribute to improved blood pressure and healthy muscles and nerves.

10. Against urinary tract infections

Baking powder can help decrease the risk of urinary tract infections,according to several doctors. Urinary tract infection is common and is caused by bacteria in the bladder. This is because these microorganisms thrive in environments that are acidic. To relieve this kind of infection, drink a solution consisting of baking powder and a cup of water daily.

11. Remove splinters

Take some bicarbonate and mix with a little water until it becomes creamy, then smoothe it onto the area where the splinter is. Put on a plaster and wait.

The splinter will be “sucked out” with help from the bicarbonate when you remove the plaster 24 hours later!


We think everyone should know about these clever uses for baking powder!

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