12-year-old raped 43,200 times: This is how she lives today

When Karla Jacinto was only 12 years old she met the love of her life. She came from a broken home, so when the 22-year-old man treated her like a princess she fell for it and saw it as a chance to escape from her unhappy life.

He promised her a wonderful life and so the first chance she got she ran away with him to another city, Tenancingo, in Mexico. But everything was not as wonderful as she thought it would be.


In fact, the man was a pimp, and after living together for three months, he forced her to sell herself on the street. From ten in the morning until midnight she was forced to serve more than 30 clients a day.

Escaping was not an option as he had threatened her family. He told Karla and all the other young girls he had control over that nobody cared what happened to them.

The pimp made sure that both police and priests came and paid for the girls. They had no protection from the authorities.


“The uniformed policemen entered the room and we had to do just what they wanted. It lasted three to four hours,” Karla said. “I was disgusted by them, they knew we were minors.”

During the four years she was forced to sell herself, Karla said she had to have sex 43,200 times.

Sometimes she cried, but those who raped her just laughed, she said.


When she was 16, her chance to escape came.

An organization that helps young boys and girls who are victims of sex trafficking. She eventually managed to escape from the hell she’d had to endure for four years.

Despite her terrible experiences, she has never given up on a better life. Instead, she joined the organization and now helps others in similar situations.


“I never thought that the girl who stood on the street corner in high heels, forced to be a prostitute would feel strong,” Karla told CNN Freedom Project. “Today, many people listen to me.”

Today Karla, who is now 24 years old, speaks publicly about her ordeal so that more people understand the seriousness of the situation and can help other children.

Her goal is to help prevent more young boys and girls from ending up in the same situation as herself.

Find out more about Karla’s story in the video below:

What an incredibly strong young woman. Even though she has suffered hell, she has moved forward and is devoting her life to helping others.

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