16-year-old girl dies suddenly, hours later, the doctor makes scary a discovery in her stomach

When teenager Jasmine Beever suddenly lost consciousness she was rushed to hospital.

She was successfully resuscitated in hospital but tragically died shortly after, leaving doctors with the difficult task of determining the cause of her death.

It wasn’t until they examined her stomach that they found something that would explain everything.

It was an ordinary school day for the 16-year-old from Skegness, England. But suddenly she began to feel bad and decided to go home. It was there that she collapsed and was rushed to hospital.


Tragic news

In the hospital, the family received the tragic news of Jasmine’s death and doctors explained the unusual cause.

Jasmine was suffering with peritonitis, when a thin layer of tissue in the abdomen becomes inflamed, often as a result of an infection.

The doctors had found something in her stomach that would explain why she tragically died. And it came as a shock to everyone.


Unusual diagnosis

In Jasmine’s stomach the doctors found a big hair ball. It had been infected and, as the body could not break it down, an ulcer had developed which eventually burst, leading to the failure of her vital organs.

Trichotillomania, or compulsive hair-eating, is an impulse-control disorder that can be brought on by stress and leads people to pull out their own hair, explains the U.K health service NHS.

This seemingly innocent habit can cause hairballs to form in the stomach which causes a wider blockage in the digestive system, commonly referred to as “Rapunzel Syndrrome, ” according to The Independent.

Rest in peace, Jasmine. Please share so other parents can learn about this diagnosis.