23-year-old officer tragically dies in car crash — watch these officers’ moving tribute

Our police have a serious duty and responsibility to us: to protect and serve, often under severe circumstances. The task can often be scary, certainly dangerous, and sadly at times, even fatal.

This was the case for 23-year-old officer Charles Irvin Jr from the Milwaukee Police Department, who tragically lost his life while simply fulfilling his duty to society. But the cause is as shocking as it could have been avoided.

Officer Irvin began his service with the Milwaukee Police Department when he was just 19 years old as a police aid. By the time he was 21, he’d become a police officer and he loyally served in that capacity for the last two years.

We often think of a police officer’s job being most dangerous when pursuing gangs or other dangerous, armed criminals. But in this case, it was something so much simpler: a car crash.

On June 7, as Officer Irvin and his partner were pursuing a reckless driver, their squad car suddenly rolled off the road and completely flipped over.

“It looks like a really catastrophic accident,” witness Sandra Hull told Fox6Now.

Despite every effort to save Officer Irvin’s life, he later passed away in hospital. His partner was seriously injured but remains in stable condition.

All this could have been avoided if that reckless driver who was speeding had been abiding by the law. Speeding is dangerous for both individuals in the vehicle and a menace to innocent pedestrians and other drivers on the road.

And now we know it is also dangerous for the officers who are doing their best to protect us — subsequently getting caught in the ‘crossfire’.

“The police was pursuing the vehicle that was going at a fast pace,” a witness said.

“Officer Irvine gave his life to the people of this community,” Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett said. “He served this community because he wanted it to be a better community I ask that everyone in this area remember him and his family in their prayers.”

Naturally, Charles’ untimely death did not go unnoticed. His colleagues at the department held a moving tribute to honor the painfully young, fallen Officer. The powerful image below was captured and is now making the rounds across social media everywhere. And understandably so! These officers’ solidarity and unity is so moving.

Watch more on the moving tribute in the video below.

Our officers’ sacrifices should never be forgotten. Please share Officer Charles’ tragic story to remind everyone of the good work the police do to keep us safe from harm and to bid everyone to be a good citizen.